the leading supplier of woolen carpet yarn

We supply the business-to-business carpet industry with woolen yarn for hospitality business and residential homes. As the leading supplier of woolen carpet yarn, we make customer specified yarn in high quality, which make high production for our customers and give them a perfect finished carpet.

We have been in the spinners business since 1931. In 1968 we switched from upholstery yarn to carpet yarn and was one of the first in the industry to make yarn for tufted carpets. We have improved and developed our skills and managed to grow and invest in our business ever since.

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Danspin is a dynamic Danish, family-owned carpet-yarn manufacture in growth.
We invest in the essentials: Good employees which can drive our successful business forward.
We believe that a growing company requires growing employees. Therefore, we strengthen your professional and personal development in established trainee plans.

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from idea to carpet sample

At Danspin we turn ideas into yarn and supply our costumers with samples as a handspun wrap card, a production made cone or as an M-tuft sample, depending on what our costumers needs to evaluate the product, and which stage of development we are in.

Wool is a living material, and treated with respect, it gives you a variety of opportunities in
structure and color. We create the colors you need in undyed-, stock dyed- or hang dyed yarn, as
100% wool or in a wool blend or your choice.

new colors

carpet patterns

At Danspin we take pride in delivering top quality yarn in structure and color that matches our
customers’ requirements. Our yarn comes in a verity of combinations, to fit the look and feel for
each range or project.

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