Job at Danspin


the leading supplier of woolen carpet yarn

Danspin is a company built on experience and a willingness to keep improving. We wish to attract and maintain skilled, committed, and motivated employees. At Danspin, we combine innovation and experience to create the best yarn (in both quality and color) for our customers.

We value our employees, and every opinion or idea is appreciated. It’s important for us to have engaged and skilled employees in every position in the company. We will teach you about yarn manufacturing; your willingness to learn and improve is more important to us than your experience. At Danspin, we encourage our employees to improve their qualifications. Every time one of our employees acquires new skills, the company becomes stronger.


Employees highlight why they like to work at Danspin:

  • The chance to make an impact and suggest new ideas
  • The possibility to learn something new and improve qualifications
  • Working with great people in a very helpful culture
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